NEW ARRIVAL Seaknight High Carbon Rock Rod 4.5M 5.4M 6.3M Sea Spinning Rod ML MH XH Telescopic Rock Fishing Rod Ultralight hard

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NEW ARRIVAL Seaknight High Carbon Rock Rod 4.5M 5.4M 6.3M Sea Spinning Rod 2#-ML 3#-MH 5#-XH Telescopic Rock Fishing Rod Ultralight hard Professional Rock Rod : ZhanJiangJiao

1:This fishing rod is made from carbon fiber, strong and durable.

2:Adjustable length fishing rod for situations where full-size fishing gear is more inconvenient.

3:Strengthen fishing reel seat, spiral design, tightly lock fishing reel.

4:The ceramic inner ring dissipates heat quickly,the ceramic guide ring is smooth.

5:Comfortable non-slip grip, comfortable hand feel.

6:Chameleon paint, different colors in different angles.

7:Total Three Length and Three Hardness, Fisherman can choose freely according to territorial waters.

***Good News:This rod outer packaging has been completely upgraded And will have 5 Gifts for you***NOTICE: The weight of the fishing rod is taken from the average of the same batch rod, there will be some difference, Thanks for understanding !!!!!!!

The dip net pole on the back and reel are only for display and is not sold with the Rod. If you need it, Please purchase separately in the store!!!!!!

Welcome all prefossinal fisherman to my store and choose this rods , if you have any problem after receving rods please tell me immediately , I will try my best to solve ! Wish you all have a nice catch!!!

Question & Answers

Question 1 :
Spinning or Casting rod?
This rod is professional Rock Rod , only have Spinning for now .
Question 2 :
What’s the material of guide ring?
It is ceramic guide rings which can minimize line friction and dissipates heat efficiently.
Question 3 :
What’s the hardness of this rod?
This rod have 2#/3#/5# , ML/MH/XH. It is enough to meet the requirements of most fishing masters on the hardness of fishing rods.
Question 4:
What’s the handle length of the rod?
Answer: The handle length is 30-36.5cm according to different rod length.
Question 5:
What will I receive after purchase?
1pc * Fishing Rod; 1pc * Original Package Bag ;1pc* an eatra rod tips ; 1pc*a Exquisite towel;1pc*Antiperspiration belt; 1pc*cord

Question 6:What’s about the shipping way ?

Answer: i have many shipping ways for you to choose , But I don’t know which local logistics provider provides the best service, I welcome your suggestions on my current logistics mode, so that I can choose a faster logistics mode to provide you with better services

Question 7:
What’s about after-sales problems of products?
If you find that the product is damaged after receiving the goods or you have not received the goods but the logistics information shows that you have received them, please tell me immediately.i will try my best to solve!!!!!!

Question 8:

About your evaluation of the product?

Answer:Your affirmation of the product and satisfaction with my service are very important to me. I am also a fisherman, and I will only push it to you after I use it. I welcome all fishers to exchange fishing skills with me and learn from each other, wish you all have a good catch!!!!!!

Additional information

Brand Name



Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Rock Fshing, Ocean Beach Fishing, LAKE, River, Reservoir Pond, stream




Mainland China


Rock Fishing Rod

Top Diameter



Superhard, 2#-ML/3#-MH/5#-XH



Model Number






Guide Rings

Stainless Steel Ceramic


Telescopic Fishing Rod





15 reviews for NEW ARRIVAL Seaknight High Carbon Rock Rod 4.5M 5.4M 6.3M Sea Spinning Rod ML MH XH Telescopic Rock Fishing Rod Ultralight hard

  1. Diedra Spath

    Country: US

    Meets expectations, just need to test it.

  2. Germain Beaumont

    Country: AU

    Thank you so much!!!

  3. Gage Edmonds

    Country: KR
  4. Lluciano Marcos

    Country: KR

    2-540 212 The grams are pure fishing rod weight only. So, except for all these guide ring reel sheets…. There are no guide lines, and the yoga drink ring position spacing is not good, and the yoga guide ring is huge. If the ship is 275 grams and the plug is removed. 265 gram to put your yob in and catch it, the balance doesn’t seem to be the worst…

  5. Lorean Soni

    Country: RU

    Someone very curious inspected the goods during the transportation, but apparently did not like it and put it back in the tube (opened the tube cover and then glued to the tape) the goods arrived not damaged (at first glance), in the spring at sea, let’s see in action

  6. Marchelle Dowden

    Country: MD

    Store Super! The seller is excellent, the delivery company lost my order, the seller was constantly in touch to do everything to get my order, just fine, very serious and responsible person, thank him very much. Fishing rod chic in the near future I will update it and then I will unsubscribe additionally. I congratulate all people of the world on the upcoming New Year, health, happiness and prosperity!

  7. Finn Junkermann

    Country: KR

    It’s not as described.

  8. Alisa Watts

    Country: KR

    Thank you for the service. The product is very satisfied.

  9. Lanie Edwin

    Country: KR

    The chocolates are big for No. 2.

  10. Gérald Courbet

    Country: KR

    Really good fishing rod!!! 3-400,000 won for the age level of Dawa and Nama

  11. Sarina Santos

    Country: KR

    It’s sturdy. The overall finish or quality is quite good.
    I made a purchase at the cost of a boating fishing card.
    I can’t wait for the great loan.

    Instead, it’s a little heavy. It is good for on-line installation.

  12. Della Drew

    Country: CL

    They gave Me phone numbers for a shipping company that doesn’t have the product

    The company that has the product says that the seller must call for me to withdraw the product…

    I wrote to the seller countless times and they continue to give me the phone number of the company that does not have the product…

  13. Aliya Fernandez

    Country: KR
  14. Jannette Wilmes

    Country: KR

    It’s totally good.

  15. Clarita Pursell

    Country: KR

    It will be shipped with the Excak machine broken.
    For the price, it seems to be a glass of baranso

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